Saturday, November 24, 2012


Running hard,
Sneaking past players,
Dodging flying body parts,
Sprinting down field
finding a hole.
Sprinting past players,
Spiking the ball
in the End Zone

Covering players,
Sacking QB's,
Rushing the RB.
Chasing the receiver,
down the field,
Scooping up the ball,
Running for daylight,
scoring a 7 for the team.

Watching, your team
Watching and waiting.
The last touchdown
The crowd goes wild
The fans cheer and
the team explodes with
It's called...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hurricane Brothers

     Imagine! It's 12:00 AM and you are sitting at home with no light, no power and no heat. All you hear is the sound of the endless pitter-patter of the rain against the cool surface of the window.  Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Irene did lots of damage but one more than the other. From Hurricane Sandy, I had lots of power outages and a little flooding. Irene, however, dealt us with less damage and less rain.
     CRACK! These types of noises were heard over 10 times. It was the sound of 20 year old trees falling crushing nearby cars.  During Irene, I only heard WOOSH! The wind just blew but did no damage. In the aftermath of Sandy, I went outside and saw power lines knocked over. Cars and houses crushed under trees and lots and lots of patio furniture, fences, and other household items scattered across the road. All in all, Sandy was the stronger brother and caused more trouble across the whole east coast.